LCT7074 Structural steel canopy in the spotlight

After winning a Museum and Heritage award in 2021, our structural design has now been awarded with a Merit in the Structural Steel Design Awards 2022.

In an elegant ceremony held in Christ’s Church, Spitalfields, London, a number of impressive redevelopment and new build projects were awarded on the grounds of architectural and structural design merit. Benefits achieved by using steel construction, efficiency of design, fabrication and erection, use of digital technology, skill and workmanship were some of the judging criteria for every project.

0 H7 A4671

The canopy conceived by Pritchard Architecture, fabricated by Hillcrest Structural and constructed by Ascia Construction, scored high in several of these categories thanks to its exposed steel structural elements, its sympathetic form to the surrounding area, its efficient structural design and excellent workmanship.

The judges noted:

“A floating canopy supported by raking steel pylons reminiscent of beach defences of the past announce this new museum. The judges were impressed by the balance of the design which creates a positive sense of place for visitors and whose form is referential and empathetic with the unique landing craft it covers.”

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Full list of the judging criteria along with details of the award winning projects can be found here:


Ceremony Photographs: Smile Photography

Structure Photographs: Peter Langdown