Our Approach to Conservation Projects

Mann Williams approach to conservation begins with understanding the structure, whether it is an internationally important landmark or a utilitarian vernacular structure. This starts with the structure's original purpose, why it was created, by whom and in what circumstances. Once the structural purpose is understood we carefully consider the way in which structural elements have withstood the loads that have been applied.

This is supplemented where necessary with calculations to assess the theoretical/ residual strength of structural elements. This sensitive approach which is based on the SPAB principle of minimum intervention can result in cost savings to the client by retaining elements which other engineers might feel the need to replace.

A combination of documentary research and physical investigation using non-invasive survey techniques and targeted physical investigation are also used where appropriate to confirm any assumption or issues. By targeting the investigation after the understanding we limit the effect on the existing structure and finishes.

The majority of our projects involve working in mixed discipline teams. We place great importance on the need to build a strong team that is not only experienced in their own sector, but also has an excellent understanding of the design and decision processes of the other disciplines. This gives an integrated and coordinated design, achieving the design objectives.

Above all, we aim to use our depth and range of experience combined with a pragmatic approach to every project, implementing sensitive solutions and avoiding 'over-engineered' approaches. We believe this provides not only the optimum design solution, but also 'best value' to the building, project and client.